About us

Hype Bomb is a creative consulting firm specializing in Advertising, Branding, Identities, and User Experience; working with some of Canada’s most recognized brands

.Leveraging our collective backgrounds and years of expertise, we believe in working iteratively in order to craft custom brand experiences that deliver.

Jargon aside, what this means is that you can expect to get your brand in front of the right audience quickly; as we begin the cycle of testing, incorporating feedback, and refining with you. This “Full Circle Creative” keeps you in the loop on what people are saying about your brand, and helps build long-term brand presence and relationships through messaging that lasts the test of time.

 As two grown-ass men who have fully bought into sneaker culture, we understand firsthand that a company is far more than just their goods and services. By working directly with you and your customers to develop an ever-evolving, digestible narrative, you tell the world why they should choose your brand. Hype Bomb is here to strengthen the bridge between why your brand was founded and why it still holds relevance today.